Toothbrush Team Building - 48 simple excercises to create great teams

€ 25,00

Do you brush your teeth every day or do you prefer to save it all up for that one day a year where you give them a really good scrub for 24 hours? You probably do it every day and would consider it ridiculous to do it once a year. But what about teambuilding???

Many teams go about their business week in and week out
without taking the time to connect and have fun with each
other. Instead they save up all their teambuilding for the
annual offsite. Only a crazy person would do the same with
their teeth!

This is a recipe book with simple team building games and
exercises that any team could do - without having an external
facilitator. The exercises often take less than 15 minutes to
perform and it increases cooperation and trust within the
team, which leads to more joy, innovation and productivity.
Randomly choose an exercise or choose the category and
exercise you want. Feel free to experiment and adapt the
exercises to fit your team and create your own variations.

So book a weekly or monthly meeting and get on board with
teambuilding to boost your team to a new level.

Have fun! :-)

Greetings Johan, Viktor & Linda